This homepage

A very warm welcome to my wildlife photos homepage. Here you can view a wide variety of wildlife images, keeping the focus on birds, mammals, insects and spiders. Even some landscape / panoramic photos are also occasionally being made.

My goal with this homepage is to let you take part of the beautiful things that I´ve been fortunate to experience during all my travels and countless hours spend out in the wild, searching and waiting for the animals to pass in front of my lens, and on my search for the right mood and light composition.

New pictures are continuosly beeing uploaded to after my photo excursions. So make sure to re-visit my homepage soon again.

The images

Photographing wild animals in their natural habitat provides an extraordinary glimpse into the very much fascinating world of wildlife and nature. In my pictures I have tried to reflect the beauty of the animals during their natural behaviour.

My photo excursions have taken me throughout the northern parts of europe and north america, spending several hours on the search for the right place and the right moment to capture the images on this site.

All mammals and birds were photographed in their natural setting, and not in confinement in any way. Either ghillie suites, cammouflage tent´s oder other hideouts have been used. Some macro photos have been photographed in studio environment. Only some minor cropping and image refinement has been done, but no manipulation to the images.

For my landscape and panoramic images different polfilters and neutral density filters are beeing used to improve and enhance the colors.

The species

A detailed list of all the species on this homepage can be found under species at the top of this page, or by looking into the gallery, where you can find all the images sorted in different categories.

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